Beat the superstars of mountain
There are very few activities that could inspire people lifelong and to write a book about. One of them is mountaineering and expedition.

A single challenge that has inspired climbers for centuries, challenged the athletes, brave climbers and magnetized nature lovers is mountains.

Climb the mountain so you can see the world, and not so the world can see you.

Nepal is the home of Himalayas- literally abode of snow. Nepal is the land of Mt. Everest and 8 of the 14 of 8000m peaks in the world. Twice the height of the Alps in Europe, they are the undisputed superstars of mountains. There are three ways to enjoy Nepal’s magnificent mountains, by simply looking at them, reaching near to them or the best of all is conquering the mighty peaks. We, in Great Himalayan Treks, are there to provide all the logistics and assistance to a professional expedition.

Mountaineering is today, a challenging sport pure and simple. It is a heady mix of challenges of the worlds’ highest altitudes, breathtaking grandeur, modern gears, athleticism, teamwork, less oxygen to breathe in. There are different levels of expeditions depending upon the mountains, their faces, angles, and the athletic skills of the climbers.

Climbers worldwide agree to a French proverb of “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing. We have a team of professional and experienced mountaineers and climbers in Nepal. Our whole team with a common passion for mountains and speaks the same language. We check and update ourselves with international weather sites and weather forecasts before challenging a mountain.

Let our experts guide you to your perfect Holiday.

We’re here to get you on your way! Contact our experts who will guide you as your journey into the Himalayas.
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